Geo Suite APIs

Location Studio Geo Suite APIs provide a full suite of GeoServices. From simply displaying the position of a person, place or thing on a map, searching for something or someplace, and then finding the best way to get there. The search APIs provide a powerful single box search implementation for looking up Brands, Categories of POIs and even offer the user suggestions based on the characters they’ve typed into the search box for possible search queries.

Within the Geo Suite family of APIs are also our forward and reverse GeoCoding APIs along with a simple API to determine location based upon the local Cell IDs and WiFi Mac addresses (GeoLocation).

The Map Tile APIs provide several different type of map tiles that can be used in your application. The Static Map API returns a single map image centered around a specific latitude and longitude based on the size and resolution requested. The Map, Satellite and Traffic tiles return tiles in one of two industry standard sizes for a specified x, y and zoom level using the de facto XYZ standard employed by OpenStreetMaps.

Each of the APIs has its own test page where you can experiment and see the funcitonality provided in real time.