Forward Geocode


Forward Geocoding takes a street address and returns the latitude and longitude for the specified location. Forward Geocoding is a special case of the more general Search API that is supported by Location Studio.


Required Parameters



Your Location Studio API Key



search_center is used for a proximity based match to the address. The search will lookup addresses within 100 miles of the search center to find the specified address using a partial match. If the address is further than this distance, greater detail must be specified in the address in order for the search to find the location.



Street address of the location to return the lat/long for. This can be a full or partial address.



Must be set to 'address-only' to perform a forward gecode operation.



Forward Geocode results are returned in a place array unless matches are not found in which case HTTP status 204 is returned. Please see the listing of Status Codes for additional details. If an error does not occur and there are matches, the response consists of one or more place elements.

Each result within the place array has a name property and may contain the following fields:

  • distance - distance from the search_center in meters. Alternatively, the distance will be calculated from the user_position if it is provided.

  • location - contains the following information:

    • city - city name of the returned address.

    • coordinate - contains the latitude and longitude value.

    • country - The country name in long form. For example, "United States".

    • country_code - The ISO 3166-1 three character country code. For example, "USA".

    • formatted_address - The returned address formatted as a single line of text. For example, "25381 Alicia Pky, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA".

    • house_number - The house number in the street. For example, "25381" in "25381 Alicia Pky".

    • postal - The postal code.

    • state - state name of the returned address.

    • street - street name of the returned address.

    • type - type of the returned address. The following values are supported:

      • airport

      • street

      • intersection

  • accuracy - Accuracy of the match. Supported only for address match ("type=address-only"). Possible values are 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest.

  • iterator_status - Internal state of the iterator to be used for next and previous page requests.

  • exhausted - Indicates if more results are available for potential next page request. Supported values are "y" (yes) or "n" (no).

    "exhausted": "y",
    "places": [
            "accuracy": 10,
            "distance": 573033.7,
            "location": {
                "city": "Milpitas",
                "coordinate": {
                    "latitude": 37.435669,
                    "longitude": -121.89164
                "country_code": "USA",
                "country": "USA",
                "formatted_address": "860 Hillview Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA",
                "postal": "95035",
                "house_number": "860",
                "state": "CA",
                "street": "Hillview Ct",
                "type": "street"