Display interactive street maps in your application. Pan and zoom the map, add custom markers or icons, and display custom polylines on the map. Request individual map tile images, which can be used in custom or third party mapping software.


Use forward geocoding to get the geographic coordinates of an address, and use reverse geocoding to get the address of a geographic coordinate. Search for Points of Interest centered around a geographic coordinate, selected by name, category, or brand.


Get an optimized route of travel to a destination, with detailed turn information. Route through multiple waypoints, and use various modes of transportation (car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian). Add turn-by-turn route guidance to your application, including voice instructions and map display.


Find the location of a device using various positioning technologies such as cellular, WiFi, and GNSS. Or get data (such as satellite reference and ionospheric data) that can assist devices with AGPS/AGNSS capabilities to find location.