Positioning Suite APIs

IoT Location Platform (ILP) provides positioning, assistance, and other services optimized specifically for IoT applications supporting a wide variety of devices and application architectures. Developed specifically to support the needs of low-energy devices and multi-network communications, the ILP Solution delivers telco-grade performance in an over-the-top (OTT) architecture. The ILP solution offers precise, seamless indoor/outdoor location determination across a wide variety of devices and applications.

ilp arch1.7970566c

Positioning Calculation and Assistance Data

These positioning capabilities leverage real-time enhanced content to allow devices to determine their current location built upon Comtech’s state-of-the-art Hybrid Positioning Engine (HPE), the ILP Solution can simultaneously process measurement data from GPS, cellular, WiFi, and other sources to deliver the most accurate position estimate possible.

Assistance data is available for enhancing device-based location calculation both indoors and outdoors. The ILP Solution supports the following location technologies:

Technology Description Scenario

Assisted GPS and GLONASS (AGNSS)

Satellite-based - positioning and assistance

Outdoor, global coverage

2G, 3G, and 4G Cell ID and Enhanced-Cell ID

Cellular-based - TDOA/RSS

Anywhere, near global coverage


Network-based - RSS/RTT

Indoor, urban/suburban

Indoor WiFi (High-Resolution)

Surveyed solutions

Deep indoor with Solid WiFi coverage

Unlike traditional location services, ILP-based services have both highly efficient binary and easy to integrate JSON message formats for integration flexibility. ILP currently provides two APIS and a device SDK:

Calculate Position provides hybrid positioning calculation services.

Assistance Data provides device-based positioning assistance data services.

ILP Software Development Kit, a Git Repository containing user documentation, tools, and libraries accelerating embedded development supporting multiple devices and platforms.