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IoT Location Platform (ILP) APIs provide positioning, assistance, and other services optimized specifically for IoT applications supporting a wide variety of devices and application architectures. The APIs are designed for multiple platforms including web, mobile, and low-power/low-bandwidth IoT devices. All APIs support the POST method for requests. APIs support JSON, XML, and in some cases binary data message formats providing the developers with options for optimized communication and/or rapid development and integration. Each API has documentation and a test page.

All APIs return a standard HTTP status code to indicate success or error. Please see the listing of Error Codes.

All APIs require an API Key parameter (APIKEY) as part of the request. The APIKEY identifies your application to our system. For developer accounts, each APIKEY is limited to a certain number of transactions per month depending on the API being called. You can request your own APIKEY by completing and submitting the Request API Key form.

Wiki Overview

How To’s:
How to integrate ILP with IoT devices using non-http protocols

Sending XMF Encoded Observation Data to an Application Gateway

Working with Embedded Devices:

ARM mbed

Status Codes

Code Description




The request was processed but there was not any data available.


Bad Request. Please check your request with the associated documentation and try again.


Access denied. Please use a valid api_key.


Access forbidden. Please speak with your administrator about availability of the resource for which you received this error.


The requested resource does not exist.


Internal Server Error. Please contact your administrator with the complete error message so that our team can investigate.


Not Implemented. The server does not support the map provider used for the request.


Service Timeout.